About Allerton

The Allerton Apartments are one of the housing options at Kent State University. The complex houses upper-class students who are international students, older students returning to get a degree or students with families. Director of Residence Services Betsy Joseph said the community is suitable for any student who may not fit in the dorm scene on campus.

There are currently 162 two-bedroom, and five one-bedroom apartments on the grounds at Allerton, according to Kent State housing website. Joseph said circa 220 and 240 people housed in the Allerton Apartments Spring 2011.

The complex was built in the 1960s. Joseph said the buildings are due for renovation soon.

“The issue is that there are going to be some things that will need to be replaced,” she said, “such as roofs and balconies.”

Joseph said the buildings have reached the end of their major life cycle, and that it will not be cost effective to perform renovations that could improve the complex. Residence Services made the final decision to close the complex Fall 2010. Joseph said the apartments L and M will be torn down Summer 2012; the entire complex will be gone by 2015.

“This decision bothers me,” said Salem Othman, a graduate student in computer science. Othman moved from his native country of Libya to Kent in August. He lives in the apartment complex with his wife and two children. “Why would they close this community? It will not benefit the Kent community. Believe me, Allerton is a good place for students.”





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