Reggie Stewart Q & A

Stewart (right) and his roommate, Mohamed Bamba (left), play pool in the basement of the Kent State Student Center once in a while for leisure.

Reggie Stewart is a junior pre-human development family studies major at Kent State University. Stewart has lived in the apartment complex the past year as an older, returning student. Stewart said so far, he likes living at the Allerton complex.

Me: How long have you lived in the Allerton Apartments?
Stewart: This is my second semester in the apartments.

Me: Why did you choose to live in Allerton?
Stewart: When I worked at Tri-C, my supervisor lived in Kent, and he’s now working at Kent State. He suggested that I live at Allerton because of the family setting. By me being 58 with a huge age difference, the Allerton Apartments worked better for me.

Me: What are some things you like about the community?
Stewart: It’s quiet and it’s convenient, definitely. I get a chance to meet some very interesting people around the complex, mostly in the computer room. They have three computers in there near the office. I compliment the people working in the office since they’re always here working in the apartment complex.

Me: How much longer do you intend to stay at Allerton?
Stewart: I’m scheduled the rest of this semester, and I will stay here until I graduate in Spring 2012. I live in apartment M, which is being torn down first. They said this particular building costs the most to maintain. I don’t know why since it’s just like the rest of the buildings. But my roommate and I will continue to live here until we graduate.

Me: You’re from Cleveland, right? Do you go home often?
Stewart: Every week on Tuesday’s for my choir rehearsal and Sunday morning for ministry.

Me: Who do you live with at Allerton?
Stewart: Just my roommate, Mohamed Bamba. We met here in Kent.

Me: What do you think about Residence Services closing the apartments?
Stewart: That’s just a waste, you know? The apartments aren’t bad. They don’t even look old. It’s nice inside. I had a problem with the heat, and a gentleman came to fix it, but he did a poor job. Aside from that, the convenience of Allerton is great. I think closing it is going to cause problems. There are other places, but they’re not as close. At Allerton, I can walk to class, ride a bike or take a bus.

Me: Why do you think they’re closing Allerton?
Stewart: I don’t see why they’re closing it. The buildings are in decent shape, but might need some renovations.


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